Le Massacre des Italiens (The Massacre of Italians)

Words from the author

Brecht advocated new theatrical forms based on a collaboration between artists and scholars. Unfortunately, this kind of experiment was left down after he died, because of the gap between the two professional fields.

Among the projects I have encouraged as head of DAJA association, this play deals with the Massacre of Italians. This is the result of the work we carried out with "Manifest Rien" collective. It resorts to Brecht principle of the fable as a theatrical form, which enables to transpose a historical issue into a theatrical language.

Philosophers and psychologists have recently confirmed Brecht's brilliant intuitions on this issue. Telling a story means "tidying experiments" and make reality understandable. Through the story and the staging, everything can be reachable, even what seems to be the most complicated and abstract History's aspects. History's sense -or non-sense- no longer needs to be told, showing it is enough.


A few excerpts...

Back in 1893, on August 17th, in Aigues-Mortes, Gard. The crimes were committed before the authorities'eyes : the policemen, the mayor, the prefect, the justice of the peace judge. The criminals were formally identified and some of them even confessed it during the trial.

Have you ever heard of this story ? You haven't ? Neither have I. I didn't know it. I read it in this book (she shows "Le Massacre des Italiens) For sure, it is not the kind of work they talk about on TV or in newspapers. It doesn't interest the media. But do you think it's normal that in a democracy, the people's history is reserved to the elite ? We don't think it is normal. That's why we've gathered our energy to tell you this story.

"Duty of remembrance" towards all these victims that have been forgotten ? Indeed. But not only, because this past is also our present. You know that today, in France, racism can still kill. So, ladies and gentleman, if you want to know how to raise hatred and why man is a wolf to man, follow me in the swamps of Aigues-Mortes. You'll it's worth seeing.