Marie Curie femme en souf


with Martine Derrier and Gérard Noiriel


Video Biopics (Michel Violet)

Music : N.O.T. (jazz rock)



Maria Salomea Sklodowska, also known as Marie Curie, was the first woman who obtained the Nobel Prize of Physics and Chemistry. While she is unanimously glorified today, most people forgot her fight against prejudice. Indeed, she suffered from prejudice as a woman, as well as a French with foreign origins. As a result, she had to prove her worth more than anyone in order to establish herself in an academic environment.


Back in 1911, when she received her second Nobel price, a whispering campaign organized in the newspapers. She was called « foreigner ». Crowds of people gathered in front of her house and demanded her expulsion to Poland, her place of birth.

This performance deals with Marie Curie's fights and draws a parallel with current issues. Indeed, one century after the 1911 polemic, gender and racial discrimination still exist in French society. It also enables to mention the issue of medias intrusion into private lives and its consequences on public life.

The performance also deals with Marie Curie's major discoveries about radioactivity and enhances reflexion about science and its social stakes.