Report of the second meeting with the partners

It was a nice day with interesting meetings, despite the cold weather and Gérard's absence -he was ill.

This 1st meeting took place at Le Safran, a beautiful complex located in a district that was a little bit enclosed and bare, but that provided nice images for the video. We will probably be able to exploit them later. We recalled the tour dates, the rehearsals dates and our partners ' expectations, which were stated in our first report. Marcel Bozonnet reviewed the advance of the show's writing.

The actions that we started :

  • With the help of the Alco, Marcel Bozonnet will give pieces of advice. He will do so in a direct way or with an artist who would be an intermediary for the Clown workshop who will take place in Autumn with 6 to 10 year-old children.

  • Alain Maillard (Amiens University) joins the project and suggests to contact Thierry Roche, responsible of the « Culture and patrimony » Master degree and involve the students who must do an internship. Alain Maillard also asks if some of the region's cities have been called -Soisson, Abbeville, Chauny or Flixecourt- in order to broaden our action and the show's distribution.

  • Patricia Hanote from MCA organizes an introduction of the project on the 22nd September, before the students and the teachers of Edouard Lucas and César Franck Junior high schools.

  • Suggestion of a general public conference led by Gérard Noiriel before All Saints day in the city hall. Expected dates : 21st October or 2nd November.

The day continued with a lunch in the presence of Ghislaine Roche from the social-cultural center of Etouvie ans Sylvie Corel from Carmen association.

Ghislaine would like to organize a long-run action with Daja Collective and create means in order to face cultural inequalities and to enable inhabitants to identify more.

In the afternoon at La Maison du Théâtre, we met a group of young people who gathered around Omar and gave us some feed-back on the 1st text that Marcel Bozonnet had read.